Matt grew up in north Wales and left to study Graphic Design at the University of Brighton from 2000–2003.

After a spot of traveling, working and designing in New Zealand, Matt got a job at London-based graphic design agency 3 fish in a tree, later taking up a directorship.

At that time Matt responded to an open competition hosted by The Royal Mint to find designs for the reverses of new UK circulating coinage. His design was selected as the winning entry, and the new designs were launched in April 2008.

Since the launch of the coins, Matt's been asked to contribute thoughts to interviews and words to talks, getting involved in all kinds of enjoyable things and meeting some truly inspiring people.

Matt left 3fish to set up the graphic design agency Bison Bison with Christian Davies in 2011. He and Christian are now enjoying the benefits (golf) and the drawbacks (working weekends) of running their own studio.